Other Tank Features Qty Std Opt
Visual Fill Indicators
Stainless steel float ball with arrow gauge and legend 1
5″ clear sight glass w/ gasket, washer and threaded bolt 1
1-1/2″ dia. vertical sight tube at rear head w/ (2) ball valves 1
Digital sensors (various models) 1
Toolbox Options
24″ wide x 18″ x 18″ steel, undermount, (sealed, lockable) 1
36″ or 48″ steel or aluminum undermount (sealed, lockable) 1-2
Cold Weather Options
Sets of three steel chain hangers 2
Valve Heater with wiring harness 1
Electrical System & Safety Package
D.O.T. approved LED pkg w/ 2″/4″ round and 6″ oval lamps 1
Turn signals and return ground system 1
LED worklights mounted on rear head 2
Additional LED worklights on tank sides 1-4
Additional or custom wiring harness
D.O.T. approved reflective tape and OSHA warning decals 1
Access Ladders and Walkways
Full-length 12″ galv. gripstrut walkway w/ rear access steps 1
OSHA-compliant safety railing system 1
Barrel-welded manway ladders and other access options 1
Mounted Tank Features Qty Std Opt
Vacuum Pump & Plumbing
Fruitland ELIM A-SM500LUF 350 CFM/30 PSI Bundle Pkg. 1
PTO, Custom Drive Line and shaft installed to gearbox of vacuum system 1
Complete System plumbing for primary shutoff / rear pressure blowoff 1
Vacuum Pump Hoses and connectors 1
Rear Bumper
Rear Oil Field Bumper 1
Left and right side toolbox options 1
Heavy Duty D Ring for towing 1
Enclosed stainless steel drip pan 1
(2) Camlock air clean out line into containment drip pan 1
Anti-Static grounding reel attached to rear bumper 1
Lift Axles
13.2K capacity lift axle with cab controls 1-2
Aluminum wheels and tires 1



Tank Specs BT80 BT90 BT100 BT110
Barrel Dia. (in.) 72” 72” 72” 72”
Barrel Length 15′-0” 17′-0″ 19′-0” 21’-0”
Other Barrel Dia. 66/68” 66/68” 68/78” 68/78”
Barrel Weight Varies Varies Varies Varies
Capacity (Bbls) 80 90 100 110
Capacity (Gal) 3,360 3,780 4,200 4,620
Exterior Finish Std Opt
Sandblast SP6
Color: Arctic
Interior Liner Std Opt
Sandblast SP10
Epoxy Liner, 200°
Other Liners

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