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Manitex Sabre’s Refuse Tanks and Sludge Tanks are available in four standard sizes and can be used for many applications. These tanks are watertight containers that can be filled and used to temporarily store a variety of liquid or solid materials.

These tanks are ideal for:
• Environmental cleanup projects
• Municipal refuse, recycling and compost
• Construction projects
• Industrial applications


Available Models
• Model OTS-2242 20 cu. yds.
• Model OTS-2252 25 cu. yds.
• Model OTS-2262 30 cu. yds.
• Model OTS-2282 40 cu. yds.

Exceptional Design
Open top design with tapered side walls for easy loading and unloading

Safety & Quality
• Both horizontal and vertical supports for strength
• Tank goes through a 100+ point safety checklist

Cost Savings
• Smooth interior walls save time for cleaning, reduces costs and increases tank life

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